The story behind Kosmo

It is the year 2053, Kosmo is an eight-year-old boy and he loves exploring the universe. He is very curious and loves traveling trough the galaxy, because there is so much to discover. We meet him during one of his journeys through the galaxy. While flying near the dwarf planet Parsimonia he suddenly runs out of fuel and he has to make an emergency landing. The landing is very rough and thereby Kosmo ruins the plants that are on the planet. He feels very responsible for this so he wants to fix it, but he also wants to fill up his fuel to continue his journey. Luckily, he has three recycle machines in his rocket, which he can easily set up on the planet. By recycling materials he can restore the planet and prepare for his journey. He can use plastic to make new fuel; organic waste will make compost for the trees and recycle paper into toilet paper.
For children Kosmo will be like a superhero. He is a very cool and smart boy who travels trough space, which is really impressive.

Visual style and art

Children will see the planet Parsimonia on a screen. The subject “space” is very appealing to children so that is why this setting was chosen. This also gives the goal of the concept a playful character. By combining earth-like elements in an alien setting they can easily make the connection to their own world.

Children indicated that as a visual style for the planet they like bright colours but also Earth-like elements such as parts water and parts land. So that is taken in account with designing all the visual elements. Overall, we used bright colours and a cartoon-like style.


The installation exists of a screen and three trash bins, one for organic waste, one for paper and one for plastic. We chose these kinds of trash because these are usually present in a classroom (fruit, packages, straws and scrap paper).
The top corners of the lid are rounded so in case the child falls or trips and hits the bin it will not do a lot of damage to the child. Children will be playing around the installation and they should be able to do so without have to face the risk of injury. Next to that it is also aesthetically more appealing and therefore made out of one piece of wood.

Sound/ music

Adding sound to the installation will bring everything to life and also enhances the whole experience. Since an important part of our goal is making children aware of the reusability of materials, the processing part of the materials needs extra focus. We will amplify the transition of one material to another by enhancing the image with the sound of the process. Elephant Ears is an audio-production company that will provide the design with all the sounds and music.