Teaching children about recycling can be difficult, due to its sometimes ungraspable nature. Studies reveal that children see recycling literally as reusing objects e.g. an empty bottle can be recycled because it can be refilled but if it is broken it cannot be recycled. Beside that, children have no idea what happens to waste as soon as it reaches the dump.
Therefore, the goal of this project is to stimulate children to separate their waste and making them aware that the materials of waste are reusable.

Kosmo the Recyclenaut

A stand alone, interactive classroom kit that can be used in primary education to teach children about recycling and the value of waste. It focuses on what happens to waste in terms of the materials it is made of and how these materials can be reused. The installation exists of a screen connected to three trash bins; one for paper, one for plastic and one for organic waste. Children can throw away their trash and watch how Kosmo will reuse the materials into new products on the screen. As children recycle their waste in the trash bins they will experience how the materials can be reused into the production of new products or materials.